Bicycle Accidents Can Lead to Life-Changing Injuries

Everyone using British Columbia roads must comply with applicable laws, and compliance by all will likely limit injuries and deaths resulting from crashes. However, the injuries suffered by victims of bicycle accidents are often more severe than those suffered by car crash victims. Authorities say if vehicle operators and cyclists watch out for each other, they could avoid a significant percentage of collisions.

Inattentive vehicle operators who fail to keep a lookout for cyclists cause many bicycle accidents. Some underestimate the speed of approaching bikes and turn in front of them without yielding. Clear indications by vehicle operators of their intentions to turn can warn cyclists and allow then to reduce speed.

Other circumstances in which drivers sometimes fail to consider the safety of cyclists include pulling onto the road from a driveway, passing too closely and passing when it is unsafe to do so. Another life-threatening situation can occur when someone exiting a parked car opens the door into a passing bicyclist. Not only can this knock the cyclist off the bicycle, but he or she could also land in the path of another vehicle.

Severely injured victims of bicycle accidents can pursue recovery of damages but might need all their energy to focus on recovery before proceeding with civil lawsuits. Some choose to rely upon the support and guidance of experienced bicycle accident lawyers to navigate claims for them. A skilled British Columbia lawyer can examine the circumstances of a crash and help determine the most appropriate course of action.

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