Michael Golden Law Corporation July 12, 2017

British Columbia cyclists negotiating big city streets need to be alert and knowledgeable about road regulations. Experienced cyclists can develop a sixth sense as to whether the drivers around them are aware of their presence, which can significantly reduce their odds of being involved in bicycle accidents. Sometimes drivers may notice a cyclist looking into their side mirror right at them. The cyclist is checking to see if the driver has checked that mirror and has seen him or her.

Many drivers check their mirrors for cyclists coming up on their right as a matter of course. This is particularly evident in bicycle-friendly cities like Vancouver. It is this sort of diligence on the part of both cyclist and motorist that can help prevent bicycle accidents.

In North Vancouver, British Columbia one of the busiest areas of the city, cyclists at certain times of day are almost as prevalent as drivers, and the chances of a bicycle accident are high indeed. In a recent case on Marine Drive and West 16th Street, a driver was turning northward onto West 16th while a 27-year-old cyclist had just entered the intersection. A resident of Vancouver, the cyclist hit the passenger side of the vehicle. He was not wearing a helmet. His injuries, according to police, were not life-threatening but were serious.

The driver cooperated fully with police, and neither drugs nor alcohol seem to have been a factor. In the meantime, the North Vancouver RCMP are hoping to hear from any witnesses to the incident to establish who may have been at fault, if fault there was. Injuries from bicycle accidents can be significant given the impact of a car on a two-wheel bicycle. If the ongoing investigation results in any evidence suggesting that the driver of the car was operating in a reckless or negligent manner, the injured cyclist would be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit.