Michael Golden Law Corporation May 28, 2019

Concerns have been raised about wages, living conditions and the general treatment of foreign workers when they arrive in Canada. However, British Columbia aims to curb these difficulties with the passing of Bill 48.

This bill, known as the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act, helps to make sure that temporary workers receive their proper documents and provide improved scrutiny over the treatment of employees coming from overseas.

As reported by the Canadian HR Reporter, the new act is British Columbia’s way of enforcing Federal laws. One component of the Federal programs is to make sure that foreign workers meet the requirements to gain entry into Canada. But the rest of the treatment – fair wages, fees and payments, visa status, living conditions, etc. requires follow-up by the provinces – items that sometimes get overlooked. This act aims to protect the legal rights of temporary foreign workers.

There are a variety of programs in place to provide opportunities for both Canadian employers and foreign workers. The two major areas for foreign workers to seek employment in Canada are through specialized skills and the need for labour. If a certain set of skills are required for a job, an employer can seek candidates from overseas. Similarly, if there is a labour shortage in a specific industry, employers are also allowed to seek candidates from overseas.

If you are applying for temporary work from overseas, it’s important that you seek the services of a skilled immigration lawyer. Immigration laws and applications can be complex, so it’s important to seek advice on how the process works, and what criteria you need to be eligible.