Are You a Canada Day Drunk Driving Accident Victim?

The arrival of summer, along with the Canada Day long weekend likely brought celebratory moods to many people in British Columbia. Because this typically goes along with alcohol use, the police teamed up with ICBC ahead of the weekend to enhance enforcement of campaigns like CounterAttack that aim to limit impaired driving. Every impaired driver that is stopped can prevent someone from being a car accident victim — making the efforts of law enforcement worth their while.

Traffic safety authorities say an average of 730 crashes occurs across British Columbia on Canada Day every year — some of them fatal. They urge people not to get into a vehicle with an impaired driver, reminding them of the potential consequences. Those who survive drunk driving accidents often suffer life-long financial and physical trauma.

ICBC offers hosts who plan parties at which alcohol will be served to get their free special event permit kits. The kits encourage designated drivers to avoid drinking alcohol, and offer partygoers the use of taxis and other transport providers to get home safely. The CounterAttack roadblocks will continue throughout the summer.

Anyone who was an accident victim during this Canada Day long weekend may be overwhelmed with the consequences. It can be traumatic to deal with the pain and suffering of the injuries, not being able to return to work and mounting medical bills. Fortunately, an experienced British Columbia personal injury lawyer can provide guidance throughout the dealings with ICBC and any legal proceedings to recover monetary damages incurred as the result of such an accident.

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