Are There Protected Biking Lanes Throughout British Columbia?

When you’re a cyclist, you know that the roads can be dangerous if a driver doesn’t see you. You’re on a much smaller vehicle and exposed to the impact of a car or truck completely. Even if you wear the proper protection equipment, there’s not much between you and a car, truck or roadway.

If you get hurt because a driver doesn’t see you, opens a door into your path or turns into you, you deserve representation to help you make a claim for compensation. You shouldn’t be left with the bill for injuries you didn’t cause.

Do major cities in Canada have protected biking lanes?

Some cities do have lanes specifically for cyclists to ride in, but Victoria, for instance, does not have protected biking lanes. In fact, in March 2016, a woman was riding her bike on Government Street and was killed when a truck turned right and struck her. The design of the roads has much to do with this tragic event, and as a result, the government is trying to pass “Biketoria,” which would be a plan to create new protected biking routes throughout the city.

Do crashes with cyclists impact the cycling community?

Yes. For many people, deciding to ride or not has much to do with how safe the roads are. There are many people who may want to ride a bike to work or school but decide not to because it’s dangerous. While there are rules for both drivers and cyclists to obey, failing to see a cyclist is still a major concern.

Source: CBC News, “Victoria cyclists call for protected bike lanes after woman killed,” Megan Thomas, accessed July 08, 2016

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