Are Falls Really that Serious? Even Small Ones Can Be

Falling can be serious, and even a slight bump on the head can lead to blood clots and other medical emergencies that can turn fatal. Over four million Canadians are hurt every year, and falls top the list of causes.

In recent months, there have been commercials that make light of falling and insurance claims that are filed as a result. However, when it comes down to it, you and your lawyer should seek compensation after a fall if you’ve been left with a personal injury.

Even a fall that left you with bruising can be more than it appears. Blood clots could develop from a bump on the head, and minor concussions can cause you to miss work or important events. This happened to former U.S. Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton several years ago. It took her months to recover from a blood clot that developed after she fell and hit her head.

Sometimes, you may feel fine after you ice your head and take a little bit of pain medication, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll stay feeling well. Nausea, headaches and other symptoms can come and go for weeks or months following a head injury. Even a mild concussion can cause you to suffer from dizziness or weakness that is hard to overcome.

Falling the wrong way can land you in the hospital. If your fall is caused by negligence or repairs that haven’t been made by a property owner, speak up. Your lawyer may be able to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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