Are Cyclists Hit Often by Drivers in Canada?

In Canada, cycling is an important way to get from place to place. It’s ideal if you live close to venues around town, because you don’t have to pay car insurance or worry about the cost of gasoline. You may enjoy riding your bike and going to school or work on it, or you may just do so for exercise and fun. Whatever reason you have for riding, it’s important to be safe on the roads.

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, there are around 7,500 cyclists who are seriously injured each year. As a cyclist, it’s more likely for you to be hit and injured or killed at intersections with traffic signals, making it very important to not only obey the signals but to make sure that others are doing the same.

Around 18 percent of cyclists who are killed each year are under the age of 16, making bicycling education important for children and teens. On top of that, making drivers aware of the possibility that cyclists will be on the roads is vital, as it can help reduce collisions.

Standing out in the dark is important for cyclists. When you go out, you should always wear reflective gear or have lights on your bike. Around 34 percent of the cyclists killed in accidents were hit by a vehicle in the dark.

Over half the cyclists who died were killed while riding on city roads. The rest took place on rural roads. What that means is that you need to be aware of drivers and drivers need to be aware of you to prevent dangerous crashes from taking place.

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