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Michael Golden Law Corporation Aug. 6, 2014

British Columbia authorities say that alcohol and speed could have been factors in a fatal accident on the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver. The rear-end collision happened about 4 a.m. on July 31, forcing police to close the southbound lanes for several hours during their investigation.

After a preliminary investigation, police say that the driver of a Mercedes rear-ended a Honda on the bridge, killing the Honda driver. Firefighters said that the Honda sustained so much damage that it would probably be moved before the man’s body could be removed. A potential witness to the crash who might have left the scene is being sought for a statement.

Police did not disclose whether the Mercedes driver was injured in the car accident. However, he was seen undergoing a breath test on the scene and was detained. Police questioned the driver and later released him. Authorities say that the man is cooperating with their investigation, but it is too soon to determine if he will face charges.

In British Columbia, the Family Compensation Act has provisions that allow family members to seek compensation for the damages that they suffer because of a loved one’s death in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligent or wrongful act. The provisions might allow them to recover out-of-pocket expenses that the decedent incurred between the time of injury and death. It may also allow them to receive reimbursement for funeral and remains disposal costs.

In addition to seeking compensation through the Family Compensation Act, family members might be eligible for certain benefits from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Some of these include funeral costs, death benefits and income replacement.

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