Accident Victim: Winter Road Conditions Require Skilled Drivers

Conditions on British Columbia roads during the winter months are treacherous, and drivers who confront those dangers must be skilled and experienced. Driving large vehicles such as buses is an even bigger challenge as crashes can leave multiple passengers injured. An accident victim might seek to hold a bus driver and his or her employer financially responsible if the wreck resulted from negligent driving.

Three workers suffered injuries in an accident that occurred early on a recent Saturday morning. Along with nine other passengers, the three coal mine workers were on a bus that transported them from their workplace to their homes. The circumstances that led to the crash are unknown, except that the bus driver lost control and the vehicle left the road.

Authorities reported that emergency workers arrived at the scene promptly and transported all the injured victims to a hospital. Although no details were published about the severity of the injuries, reports indicated that lives were not threatened. The accident investigation is ongoing, and authorities warned drivers to expect more snow that could make roads even more treacherous.

The victims of this crash can pursue financial relief through the civil judicial system in British Columbia. However, each accident victim will have to prove that the bus driver was negligent and that the negligence led to the accident and resulting injuries. Some victims choose to rely upon an experienced personal injury lawyer to navigate the claims for them. The lawyer can assess the allegations and help to formally establish negligence before the court.

Source:, “Three Teck workers injured in bus crash”, Phil Mclachlan, Dec. 10, 2016

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