Michael Golden Law Corporation March 26, 2014

A mini-bus drove through a retail-store parking lot and hit the wall of a building across the street in British Columbia about 10:40 a.m. on March 24. Six people were hospitalized for treatment of minor injuries following the car accident. The bus belongs to a community living group.

According to a Vancouver police sergeant, the driver apparently lost control of the mini-bus shortly after picking up passengers in front of the retail store. The sergeant says that the bus ran through a hedge and smashed into vehicles parked in the area. The bus continued on and became airborne when it crossed over a steep embankment before crashing into the wall of a store located across the street.

The bus was occupied by the driver and six passengers when the incident occurred. Investigators are working to determine whether a mechanical issue or driver error caused the accident. Police closed the 2700 block of Skeena Street to allow investigators to process the scene. According to the sergeant, the bus is being evaluated for mechanical problems.

When a collision is caused by a commercial vehicle such as a bus, truck or taxi-cab, the vehicle’s owner might be held liable to pay financial compensation to those who suffered injuries. In addition, if the crash was caused by mechanical failure, the party responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance may also be held responsible.

A personal injury lawyer may have the means to perform extensive research into an accident in order to find out which parties may be held responsible in a personal injury lawsuit. If it is clear from the accident report what caused the accident, it might be possible to negotiate with the responsible parties and their insurers for a settlement out of court. If the claim is denied by any of the insurers, the lawyer may try the case in civil court.

Source: CBC News, “Mini-bus plows through Vancouver Wal-Mart lot, into wall“, March 24, 2014