5 Men Injured After Drunk Driver Crashes in Round-A-Bout

Five men were transported to hospital following a car crash in Burnaby last Saturday. The single-car collision happened at Simon Fraser University at the intersection of University Crescent and University Drive at approximately 5:30 a.m.

According to police, a Honda CRV sped into the roundabout but missed the turn. Instead of making his way through the roundabout appropriately, the driver collided directly into the boulders and bushes found in the center of the roundabout.

Officials say the driver of a Honda CRV came speeding into the roundabout, missed the turn and drove straight into the bushes and boulders in the middle of the roundabout. Two of the passengers were trapped in the vehicle after it came to a stop. Firefighters rescued them out of the back hatch of the CRV.

The driver was able to free himself by jumping out of a window, but he injured his arm in the process. Two other passengers were able to escape on their own without serious injury. Fortunately, no one suffered life-threatening wounds in the accident.

According to police, alcohol and speeding were major contributors to the accident. The Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police took the driver of the car into custody at the crash scene.

When a drunk driver causes a car wreck that injures his or her passengers, the injured individuals might have the ability to seek personal injury damages from the driver in civil court. Even in cases where injuries are minor, emergency medical services, doctor visits, rehabilitative services and other costs relating to injuries can add up. In this respect, pursuing such an action could be a financial decision as much as it is a personal one.

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