2 Injured in Car Accident in British Columbia

Two individuals were taken to the hospital following an accident in British Columbia on Oct. 23. The accident occurred around 5:30 p.m. Authorities say that a 24-year-old woman caused the accident and that she was driving while impaired.

The woman was turning left on Highway 95A in Kimberley from Rotary Drive and allegedly did not stop when doing so. As a result, she hit a vehicle head on that was travelling from the opposite direction. Police reported that she appeared to be under the influence, so they took multiple breath samples. She was over the legal limit on all of the samples. Authorities recommended that the woman be charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm.

The driver of the other vehicle had collar bone and leg injuries. The passenger in that vehicle also had minor injuries.

The injured individuals may wish to file a suit against the driver of the other vehicle. Compensation might cover expenses and any lost wages among other costs.

Following a car accident like this one, speaking to a lawyer might be helpful. A lawyer may be able to examine the case and recommend the best course of action. For example, filing a civil suit is possible even if the charges related to the impaired driving are dropped or if the woman is found not guilty. Even when a criminal prosecution is not successful, a civil suit related to the same case may be. The burden of proof is lower in a civil case. A successful civil suit needs to demonstrate negligence meaning that the driver did not take a reasonable amount of care.

Source: The Bulletin , “Impaired driver causes accident”, Carolyn Grant , October 27, 2014

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