Michael Golden Law Corporation Jan. 15, 2015

Two British Columbia residents were killed in a car accident that occurred on a highway between Golden and Revelstoke on Jan. 2. Police stated that the collision involved four vehicles on Highway 1, causing the roadway to be closed for a short period of time.

Police did not state who caused the crash but reported that the incident involved a passenger vehicle and three pickup trucks. One of the pickup trucks was hauling a trailer. Sections of the highway had been noted to be slippery due to the weather, though it was not stated if the weather played a part in causing the accident. The identities of the two individuals who were killed were not released in the report. A man was rushed to hospital after suffering injuries that were thought to be critical.

Two other fatal accidents occurred on the same stretch of highway earlier in the week. On Dec. 27, two men were killed when a passenger vehicle and a truck became involved in a collision. Several days later, a 27-year-old man died when a collision occurred between two trucks.

Any accident victim who was involved in a car crash may be eligible to receive certain benefits through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, a corporation that provides basic insurance for drivers. However, a person who suffered injuries may still wish to seek advice from a lawyer who may assist them with receiving the appropriate amount in benefits in a timely manner. Additionally, the lawyer may assist with providing evidence that demonstrates that the injured person was not at fault for causing the crash, which may lead to a larger amount that the ICBC may be willing to pay in compensation.

Source: CBC News BC, “Highway 1 crash kills 2 women near Revelstoke”, Jan. 2, 2015