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Wrongful death lawsuit possible following deadly crash in Langley

A character in the classic movie, American Graffiti, says it all: Driving is a serious business. Deadly serious, one might add without exaggeration, for the very good reason that loss of life may result. Driving has become such a commonplace activity that drivers can sometimes neglect to remain fully alert. When an ambulance driver is involved, such neglect can be particularly pernicious and may be the primary cause for commencing a wrongful death lawsuit.

The facts in a fatal case involving the transport of an elderly Langley resident from a full-care facility to a hospital in nearby Abbotsford, British Columbia, have been fully investigated by the Transportation Safety Board. At the junction of a Langley railway crossing at Crush Crescent, an ambulance driver stopped on the tracks, intending to turn left onto Grover Road. Talking on his cell phone, the driver became aware too late that bells, lights and barrier had been activated by an oncoming train.

Bicycle accidents in British Columbia can cause serious injury

British Columbia cyclists negotiating big city streets need to be alert and knowledgeable about road regulations. Experienced cyclists can develop a sixth sense as to whether the drivers around them are aware of their presence, which can significantly reduce their odds of being involved in bicycle accidents. Sometimes drivers may notice a cyclist looking into their side mirror right at them. The cyclist is checking to see if the driver has checked that mirror and has seen him or her.

Many drivers check their mirrors for cyclists coming up on their right as a matter of course. This is particularly evident in bicycle-friendly cities like Vancouver. It is this sort of diligence on the part of both cyclist and motorist that can help prevent bicycle accidents.

Burnaby traffic flagger becomes accident victim of hit-and-run

Road and highway construction sites often test drivers' patience, but drivers know that the safety measures in place are there not only to protect drivers but on-site workers as well. Recently, in Burnaby, roadwork was in full swing westward along 10th Avenue when an impatient driver ignored all of the cautionary signs, pylons and signalling, and plowed into a traffic flagger. The veteran flagger was the first accident victim of the driver of the white Hyundai who continued on to hit a second traffic flagger.

With three decades of experience behind her, the B.C. traffic flagger had every reason to expect that when she stepped forward with all due care towards the car to wave it to a stop, the driver would brake. The driver paid no attention and appeared to have accelerated on purpose. Intent on threading her own way through the Burnaby construction site just west of Kingsway, the driver struck a second flagger.

Hit-and-run driver returns twice to pedestrian accident scene

A 51-year-old hit-and-run driver recently received a conditional sentence of eight months followed by probation for 18 months for knocking down a pedestrian in Jan. 2014. According to British Columbia Supreme Court documents, this pedestrian accident occurred on a morning with poor visibility when the defendant backed out of his driveway. He failed to notice a woman who was on her morning walk and struck her with his vehicle.

The 87-year-old pedestrian suffered serious injuries, including a fractured skull that caused nerve damage. She is now deaf in the left ear. Furthermore, multiple ribs were fractured, causing a collapsed lung, and her jaw was broken. The accident had severe consequences on the elderly pedestrian who has since been admitted to a facility where she receives 24-hour care.

Wrongful death claim may follow head-on crash on Highway 22

When fatal car accidents occur in British Columbia, the crash investigation process is complicated, often involving specialised operations by different agencies. One such accident -- that could potentially result in a wrongful death claim -- occurred in West Kootenay on a recent Tuesday. A spokesperson for traffic services said it was a head-on crash that trapped several occupants in their vehicles.

Along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, firefighters and paramedics rushed to the accident that occurred shortly after 3 p.m. Traffic on Highway 22 came to a halt for approximately 40 minutes while the Jaws of Life and other hydraulic tools were used to extricate three injured victims. One person later succumbed to critical injuries.

Car accident: The challenge of calculating spinal injury damages

Victims of crashes nationwide, including in British Columbia, can pursue recovery of damages. This is if the car accident was caused by the negligence of another person. However, how do one know the monetary value of damages caused by spinal cord injuries – both short and long-term losses? This is particularly applicable to incomplete spinal injuries because it typically involves 'wait and see' scenarios. Most victims of such injuries are discharged from medical facilities before they have healed, and they then live in suspense to see how much they will recover.

Pain can be ever-present -- even if the patient cannot feel it. While the return of sensation might be something to cause excitement, it will also restore the ability to feel pain; however, the danger is that pain can return without the sensation to enable the patient to feel it. Pain can be a warning signal that certain movements may cause harm. However, if the pain is not felt, unintentional damage can be done to a shoulder, knee or another joint. Fatigue is also common to incomplete spinal injury patients, and it is more prevalent in those who can get about without wheelchairs.

Precautions can limit the chances of bicycle accidents

As the weather changes, cyclists will take to the British Columbia roads. Unfortunately, as in any other year, many victims of bicycle accidents will likely land in hospitals with injuries that could be traumatic. Cyclists have very little protection, and when they are struck by vehicles, the injuries are usually severe.

It is true that not all bicycle accidents are the fault of vehicle operators, and bicycle riders may want to take a few precautions to avoid causing accidents that could claim their lives. They could give the bike a proper service and make sure gears, brakes, lights and other parts are in good working order, and that the tires are properly inflated. Cyclists are subjected to the same road rules as drivers of vehicles, and a comprehensive knowledge and compliance with the laws are important.

Wrongful death claim may follow rollover that killed 1

Adverse weather in British Columbia makes travelling conditions hazardous, requiring drivers to be particularly skilful if they want to travel on wet, slushy roads. This applies especially to areas with high elevations such as the Coquihalla. A fatal crash near Kamloops in which a passenger was killed could result in a wrongful death claim.

According to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police report, the accident occurred shortly after a localised storm that left the roadway covered with hail and extremely hazardous. They say a vehicle that was northbound on the highway carried three occupants. The car apparently rolled over after the driver failed to maintain control of it.

Graphic YouTube video shows hit-and-run DUI car accident

During the week of 16 to 22 May, the Canada Safety Council ran an annual awareness campaign that focused on the behaviours of drivers and their passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and bikers. The aim is to remind people of the importance of being sober and alert when they drive, as well as the importance of using seat belts to provide protection in the event of a car accident. Police in a British Columbia city used YouTube to underscore the importance of responsible driving.

They posted an extremely graphic video showing a car crashing into a group of pedestrians. The driver of that car was under the influence of alcohol. The video was obtained from security camera footage of the incident, showing the driver of a car running a red light at an intersection and ploughing into the pedestrians who were crossing the road in a crosswalk that was clearly marked.

Car accident kills teen soccer star in British Columbia

A gifted young soccer player in British Columbia lost his life in a crash while he was travelling home after a recent practice session. According to a crash report by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the fatal car accident occurred at about 9 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. The 17-year-old boy survived the wreck but succumbed to his injuries two days later.

The RCMP says a female was driving a Cadillac travelled along a Surrey road when it struck another vehicle, but instead of stopping at the scene, she continued driving. She then smashed into the car of which the young soccer star was an occupant. Another 17-year-old teenager was reported to have been with him, but no information was reported about that victim's condition.

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