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Stores and Shops Liability

Shopkeepers and malls have a responsibility to keep their premises clean and free from any hazards that could cause injury. If you have been injured in a store or shop after falling due to an obstruction, such as a stock display or spilled liquid, you could be seriously hurt. You may also have legal options.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, in Burnaby, our lawyers can give you the legal advice you need about stores and shops liability. Michael and our team are available to discuss what happened and how to move forward.

The Importance Of Early Investigation

Retail businesses take specific steps to protect themselves from liability claims. In order to preserve the evidence needed to launch a successful slip-and-fall claim on your behalf, we can work quickly to gather information about:

  • The cleanliness of the premises
  • Unsafe location of stock or dangerous items
  • Witness recollections about the accident

We use our own expertise as well as the resources of an investigator to get a clear image of what happened. Since evidence is so sensitive in these cases and can go away quickly with a simple clean up, speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible is important to launch a successful claim.

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Slip-and-fall injuries do not just happen in commercial establishments; you could be injured in a private home or public space. We can give you insight into your case.

Call us at 604-259-1698 or 877-894-6640 or complete our online form. In addition to English, we speak Vietnamese and in-house and can arrange for translation in other languages. From our office in Burnaby, we serve clients throughout the Vancouver area.

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