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Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries to result from car accidents. However, the severity and effects of whiplash on people are unique to each specific case. Proactive consultations, both with a doctor to get you on the path to recovery and with a lawyer to secure your legal rights to much-needed compensation to aid in that recovery, are important steps to move forward.

Michael Golden and his legal team can give you the advice and guidance you need, and can deal with ICBC on your behalf. We encourage you to contact us today if you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia and want to speak with a skilled legal team about your rights during an informative, consultation.

From our office in Burnaby, we serve clients throughout the Vancouver area.

Getting The Right Medical Treatment

Whiplash may go away quickly or it may affect you for years. If you have been hurt, you should see a doctor immediately and continue to seek medical treatment on an ongoing basis.

Regular doctor visits, perhaps including physiotherapy and other rehabilitation, not only help in your own recovery, but they also provide a record of your injury’s progression over time. Since whiplash cannot be detected through the use of X-rays or CT scans, your personal experience with the injury is the best evidence of its severity. It is important to document all these visits, including requesting copies of all medical records and bills relevant to your injuries.

Seeking Full Compensation For Your Injury

If your whiplash is the result of a car accident, ICBC may want a quick assessment of your injury and a quick settlement. Once you settle, you cannot obtain more compensation at a later date, even if your condition gets worse.

Michael Golden and his team of Vancouver whiplash injury lawyers have spent years in practice helping injury victims get the appropriate insurance benefits and other compensation they are entitled to. In addition to whiplash, they have also represented injury victims in claims for scars and burns, head injuries, a neck injury and other serious injuries. We also have experience handling wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of families who have tragically lost loved ones in auto wrecks.

Contact Our Burnaby Neck And Back Injuries Lawyer To Schedule a Consultation

Before you file an ICBC claim, speaking with a lawyer can help you to protect your legal rights. We welcome your questions, and the first consultation with us is no charge. Contact us online or call us at 604-259-1698, toll free at 877-894-6640. In our office, we speak Vietnamese and English, and we can arrange for translation into other languages.