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The impact from a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall or other injury can be severe. Sometimes the forces are strong enough to fracture bones, which can require surgery and long-term medical care. You’ll need time to recover and may be left with a permanent impairment or you may be at an increased risk for future problems like arthritis.

You will be entitled to compensation for future loss of income if your fracture leaves you permanently disabled. You may also require money for future care. It is very difficult to obtain this compensation without a lawyer.

At the Michael Golden Law Corporation, in Burnaby, we have represented many people throughout Vancouver who have suffered fractures and we can provide you with thorough and aggressive representation as you seek fair compensation for your injury after being involved in an accident. Give us a call to learn more during a initial consultation.

Is A Fracture The Same As A Break?

Most people use the terms “break” and “fracture” in very similar ways. It refers to a condition in which the continuity of the bone is broken.

Medical professionals, however, make more specific distinctions. For example, a crack in the bone is technically not a break. It is a fracture.

Know Your Rights

Before you file an ICBC claim, speaking with a lawyer can help you to protect your legal rights. We welcome your questions.

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