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Head Injuries

Head injury claims can be very challenging. In part, this is because you can’t always tell right away how bad it is — or whether it will get better or worse. Moreover, the loss in cognitive function and quality of life that an individual can suffer from a head injury can be extreme and last a lifetime.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, in Burnaby, we have many years of experience representing ICBC claimants in head injury cases. Michael has secured accident victims appropriate compensation for all types of closed and open head injuries, including those with extensive brain damage.

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Don’t Take Chances With A Head Injury

Head injuries require experienced counsel to investigate the nature of the injury and to obtain the medical and other evidence that are required to pursue the claim successfully. Michael Golden has been providing this kind of counsel to clients for years. He brings the same level of skill and compassion to every single client he works with to maximize compensation opportunities.

As with other serious injuries, the cause of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often a car accident that resulted from someone’s negligence. Our law firm has the knowledge of the ICBC insurance claims process needed to bring your claim forward effectively

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