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Wage Loss

As a result of an accident, many injured people are left unable to work and lose income while they are recovering. Since compensation for wage loss may be available through ICBC or government EI benefits, injury suffers may rely on the advice of ICBC regarding where they should go first for benefits, under the assumption there is only one option available to them.

Unlike ICBC, which is required to protect the corporation when determining how benefits are paid, your lawyer works towards solutions that are in your best interest. Michael Golden, a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience helping ICBC claimants, can use his knowledge of the law to advise you as to the course of action that can get you the benefits you need.

From our office in Burnaby, our firm serves clients throughout the Vancouver area.

Comparing Employee Insurance (EI) And ICBC Benefits For Wage Loss

If you cannot work as the result of a vehicle accident, you can file a claim for sick benefits through EI. Even if EI says you are not entitled to sick benefits, you can still claim compensation from ICBC. Both kinds of benefits include a waiting period before benefits are paid out; however, while the waiting period for EI is two weeks, for ICBC it is only one.

An ICBC representative will often not take the time to walk you through which combination of benefits will get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to for wage loss. Michael Golden and the rest of our team will walk you through the process and will recommend a course of action that will secure you the best result.

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To speak with us about your wage loss compensation needs, as part of an ICBC or EI claim, contact us online or call us at 604-259-1698, toll free at 877-894-6640. Our first consultation is free, and we offer you service in English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and Cantonese, all of which are spoken by members of our staff. Translation services can be arranged if you require consultation in another language.