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Should I Settle?

If you are injured in an automobile accident and someone else is responsible, you may be entitled to benefits under your ICBC coverage in addition to compensation from the driver who caused your crash. Since ICBC will also act as the other driver’s insurer, the same ICBC adjuster will typically handle paying out your accident benefits and defending the negligent driver.

Without a lawyer, ICBC will offer you compensation for both aspects of your claim. However, ICBC will often rush to settle claims quickly, perhaps before the full extent of your injuries have been discovered. At the Michael Golden Law Corporation, our lawyers can guide you confidently in asserting your claim, so that it is not settled too quickly and for less money than it is worth.

From our office in Burnaby, we serve clients throughout the Vancouver area.

Your Legal Team For ICBC Claims

Michael has spent the past 20 years of his more than 25-year legal career representing ICBC claimants. Our team can give you detailed advice about your ICBC claim, including your coverage and specific concerns.

A car accident happens without warning, and car crash victims often do not know what steps to take to protect their interests. Our lawyers can use their experience to benefit you, including dealing with ICBC on your behalf for maximum benefit to you.

For instance, seat belts and air bags can also be a factor in car accidents injury. ICBC will frequently try to discount the compensation to an injured person who was not wearing a seat belt at the time of this injury. This issue is called contributory negligence. This means the injured person contributed to his or her own injuries. While it is not safe to ride in a car without a seat belt, a person who caused the accident is mainly responsible for the injuries rather than the person who failed to wear his or her seat belt.

Vehicles contain the air bag to protect you from the effects of a crash. However, air bags can often cause injuries when deployed upon impact. The person responsible for the crash is also responsible for the effects of the air bag. You will require experienced and effective representation to make sure that you do not suffer a disadvantage because seat belts and air bags were a factor in your injuries.

Contact Us — Burnaby Accident Settlement Lawyers

To speak with us about your ICBC claim and whether settling your claim early is in your best interest, contact us online or call us at 604-259-1698, toll free at 877-894-6640. We offer an initial consultation at no charge. In addition to arranging translation services in any language, we also speak Vietnamese, Mandarin and English at our firm.