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Texting Driver Accidents

Recent changes to the law in BC have made it an offence to be driving while distracted. If you are in an accident, the distracted driver will typically be held at fault. However, the circumstances that surround the accident and evidence of the distraction are not always clear. With the right legal advice, you can get the benefits you are entitled to from ICBC.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we have helped accident victims to file ICBC claims and get appropriate injury compensation for the past 20 years. Michael and our team know that everyone who is involved in an accident and has suffered injury needs compensation to get better, and the payment of benefits should not be left to the sole discretion of ICBC.

From our office in Burnaby, we serve clients throughout the Vancouver metro area.

The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

When a driver fails to pay due care and attention while behind the wheel, he or she exposes others on the road, including pedestrians, cyclists and passengers, to risk. Distracted driving can include a number of activities that take your attention off the road. Specifically, the Motor Vehicle Act prohibits certain activities while driving, including:

  • Operation of hand-held cellphones or other electronic devices
  • Sending or reading emails or text messages
  • Use of hand-held music or portable gaming devices
  • Manual programming or adjusting of GPS systems

If a driver engages in any of these activities and an accident occurs, an additional layer of legal complexity arises. The texting driver may receive limited coverage from ICBC, and issues of fault may be in dispute. With the legal advice we offer at Michael Golden Law Corporation, you can get the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

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To get advice from Michael Golden and our Vancouver texting while driving accident lawyers, get in touch with us for a free initial consultation. We can be reached online or by phone at 604-259-1698, toll free at 877-894-6640. We speak Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Korean, and English, and we can arrange for translation in other languages.