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Keep a look out for brain injury symptoms after a car accident

Not all crash injuries show broken bones or gushing blood. It is not uncommon for a British Columbia motorist to walk away from a car accident without a medical evaluation only because everything seems fine. However, cases have been reported in which such a person collapsed and died a few days later because he or she suffered a brain injury that went undetected. Symptoms of serious conditions sometimes present days or even weeks after an accident, while a doctor might have identified it during a proper medical examination immediately after the incident.

Brain-injured victim: Why did drunk driver only get 3 years?

A nurse in British Columbia is having a difficult time accepting the court's decision in a criminal case against the person that caused her brain injury and her friend's death. The drunk driver that caused the deadly crash was sentenced to only three years. Reportedly, this followed a plea bargain in which six charges against him were thrown out in exchange for a guilty plea.

Car accident: The challenges of recovering damages for TBI

When an accident causes traumatic brain injury, the victim may not even be aware of the severity of the injury. Instead of seeking immediate medical care, he or she may be more concerned about filing an insurance claim. The importance of medical evaluation immediately after a car accident cannot be stressed enough, but the related costs for the treatment of TBI can be overwhelming. If the negligence of another party caused a British Columbia crash, getting help from an experienced legal professional is imperative.

Does more mental activity help you recover from a brain injury?

If you suffer a concussion, you want to do everything you can to recover as much as possible and as soon as possible. While adults might want to go back to work immediately or kids might want to continue sports or other activities, a break should be taken. Without one, your recovery could take longer than it would with proper rest. An interesting fact that has been discovered is that adolescents, particularly those who have to participate in high level mental activities, could actually be hurting their recoveries by participating in these tasks and hobbies.

You may seek a lawsuit for a slip-and-fall accident

When you suffer a slip-and-fall accident, the last thing you think will happen is that you'll suffer a serious spinal injury. Unfortunately, even a short fall can result in fractures, disk dislocations and other issues as you attempt to catch yourself or impact your spinal column.

Helmet use not the key to safety, study claims

You know that you should wear a helmet whenever you get on your bicycle. As a pedestrian and cyclist, if you're hit, you can be at serious risk of injuries that could leave you hospitalized or worse. Some people have argued that helmet use isn't the be-all-end-all for cyclist safety, though.

Nail impalement: Treating an impaled brain

Someone suffering from a brain injury is a serious concern for patients, families and doctors alike. The type of brain injury suffered can help indicate the kind of recovery a patient could face, but finding that a patient has been impaled by a nail or other sharp object can be devastating. Nail impalement, or any other type of sharp impalement to the brain, is a neurosurgical emergency. The swelling this causes could lead to brain damage and symptoms like memory loss or paralysis; some patients will die, and others may remain in a coma or other vegetative state, requiring families to seek out compensation for rising medical costs.

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