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Keep a look out for brain injury symptoms after a car accident

Not all crash injuries show broken bones or gushing blood. It is not uncommon for a British Columbia motorist to walk away from a car accident without a medical evaluation only because everything seems fine. However, cases have been reported in which such a person collapsed and died a few days later because he or she suffered a brain injury that went undetected. Symptoms of serious conditions sometimes present days or even weeks after an accident, while a doctor might have identified it during a proper medical examination immediately after the incident.

Personal injury lawsuit after crash may cover medical expenses

Drivers on British Columbia roads are responsible for the safety of their passengers. For this reason, no driver should get behind the wheel of an automobile if he or she is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescribed medication. The same goes for drivers who know they suffer from medical conditions that could cause emergencies if they fail to manage their illnesses -- else they could be held liable for medical expenses and other financial damages of a passenger injured in a crash.

What to look out for to prevent bicycle accidents

Many British Columbia residents have likely pulled their bicycles out the garage after the recent spring equinox. Along with the health advantages of travelling by bicycle, it is also an environmentally friendly transportation method. However, it comes with many dangers, and, as with vehicle drivers, cyclists must know and obey the rules of the road to avoid bicycle accidents.

Gathered info at car accident scene can help pursuit for recovery

Victims of crashes in British Columbia will likely have to answer many questions as soon as their insurance companies -- or the other party's insurance -- gets wind of the accident. For this reason, it might help to take note of what they are likely to be asked. It may be best not to simply rely on a police report, and gather as much of the relevant information as possible. This may help the lawyer if it is decided to pursue recovery of damages sustained in the car accident by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

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