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Personal injuries and what happens if a death occurs

If a person suffers a personal injury but doesn't have a chance to claim before passing away, then there could be a chance to alter that claim and make it a wrongful death lawsuit. The defining factor is whether or not the initial injury and death are related. For instance, if a person suffers a concussion and then swelling on the brain results in death, that injury could be related. However, a broken back may not be related to a sudden aneurysm. Likewise, a virus causing pneumonia may not be related to a drowning injury, whereas a bacteria leading to it could be.

How many bicyclists were hurt or killed in Canada in 2013?

The most recent information about bicyclist deaths and injuries in relationship to traffic accidents was released by Transport Canada regarding the year 2013. In general, there were several good statistics showing a reduction in overall traffic accidents in the country. For instance, the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents was only 1,923, which had dropped 7.2 per cent from the prior year.

New material could improve the safety of helmets, clothing

Brain injuries can happen at any time when you're involved in an accident. If you're hit by a car while riding your bike, you could hit your head. If you are hit as a passenger in a vehicle, you could be impaled. In any case, it's your right to make a claim for the compensation you need to get the treatment that's right for your condition.

Red light accidents: Get compensated for your crash

Some people may not think that running a red light is a big deal. Maybe they do it all the time, because they can see the other roads and where they intersect, making it seem like they can see all oncoming traffic. Maybe the light has a long yellow before red, so the driver thinks he or she can make it through the intersection at the last second. Or, maybe the driver just wasn't paying attention.

Do you need to exercise after a spinal cord injury?

After you have been hurt in a car accident or other incident that leads to a spinal cord injury, you'll need to go through some recovery time. Part of recovering from spinal cord injuries includes exercise, even though it may seem like that makes little sense. This is because despite being unable to feel your body parts, the muscles, nerves and circulation depend on your health.

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