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At the Michael Golden Law Corporation, we understand the importance of family and the desire of family members to reunite and live together in Canada. Our team is committed to helping you bring your close family members to Canada to be with you.

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Led by our founding lawyer Michael Golden and immigration paralegal Linda Salas, we can help you pursue:

Sponsorship In recent years, Canada has experienced an influx of immigration applications. This resulted in a backlog of applications for permanent residents. To reduce the backlog, Canada has developed the Canadian family visa sponsorship program to reunite families. Family reunification remains one of the most important goals of the Canadian family visa sponsorship immigration system.

We can help reunite your family through proper use of the Family Class Sponsorship program application process. In order to be eligible under this policy, the individual(s) being sponsored for a permanent resident visa must be a member(s) of the family class as defined by the Canadian government with the most popular use of this program being for spouses and children.

Keep in mind that at the present time, the government of Canada does not allow people to sponsor their parents. In the meantime, we can help you apply for a "super visa" for your parents or grandparents to come stay with you in Canada instead of using the regular Family Class Sponsorship visa program.

Parent and grandparent super visa program The Canadian government has stated that it intends to make this program a permanent feature in the country's immigration portfolio. This process permits parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada to repeatedly visit the country within a period of 10 years. The duration of each visit is limited to two years.

There are several steps and special provisions we can help these family members comply with in order for their super visa to be granted. We take a detailed approach so that there are no delays or denials and parental visitors strictly adhere to the rules in order to avoid deportation, risking their loved ones' immigration status or their own future chances of achieving permanent residency or citizenship.

Parent and grandparent sponsorship for permanent residence — Despite having a generous family reunification program, Canada still limits the number of applications it accepts each year. We can help you submit your complete and accurate application early so you fall within this quota.

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Unfortunately, there are individuals out there seeking to take advantage of families who are anxious to obtain a quick visa. The most efficient way to obtain a visa is to apply the right way. That is what we are here to do. We want to work with you to make your immigration dreams a reality. You can reach our firm online or call us today at 604-259-1698, toll free at 877-894-6640. Your initial consultation is free.

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